Upturn Arts


Summer 2016 - Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust awards Hope Stone New Orleans donation for summer camp scholarships!

Caring, educating and providing a safe environment for children to express their creativity is an important and vital mission. Now, thanks to a generous donation from the Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust, Hope Stone New Orleans is able to further achieve this mission.

Upturn Arts is a fun and creative program that teaches children in the New Orleans community to explore and build confidence in themselves as artists. We believe in providing arts enrichment opportunities for all children, and never turn students away due to financial restraints. Upturn Arts provides a day-long summer camp at our main site, Nola Spaces, opening our doors to all children in the New Orleans community.

We distinguish ourselves from other arts education programs by offering programming, using a sliding scale model, welcoming all students without auditions, and focusing on individuality and creative expression within our students. Skilled master teachers and artists train students in dance, music, theater, improvisation, creative writing, drumming and yoga, providing young participants with an arts education that builds self-esteem, confidence and the skills that children need to be the next generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers. The students also gain a greater knowledge of New Orleans’ rich arts culture and heritage while expanding their own individual creativity and self-expression.

We are currently hosting our seventh annual summer arts camp, located at Nola Spaces (1719 Toledo St.). WE reach out to a diverse population and provide an enriched arts experience to many New Orleans children and youth. Thanks to help from the Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust, we are able to continue our mission and increase camp attendance. All of our students are provided with healthy meals and receive daily classes in music, dance, theater, and visual arts from professional artists and educators. We encourage uniqueness and individuality, and our instructors guide campers to discover each art form in a new way.

Hope Stone New Orleans is now accepting applications for summer programs. If you are interested in enrolling your child in Upturn Arts register @ upturnarts.org/camps/summer or call: (504) 390-8399.